Rooftop Snow Removal


Ice dams are a very real threat during the wintertime. They can damage not only your property but potentially harm someone below. An ice dam is the result of snow left to accumulate on your rooftop. When the temperature rises, the snow begins to melt, and when it runs to the edge of the roof it encounters cold air and refreezes. This gradually builds up creating an ice dam that then holds back more runoff and snow. This cycle eventually leads to the dam becoming so heavy that it damages the roof, the exterior of your structure, and even, in extreme circumstances, whatever is underneath the dam when it fails and falls to the ground. These dams can also form around roof vents and skylights causing additional damage to your roof. Professional snow removal services from The Bellevue Roofers is the best defense against the hazards of ice dam formation, so call our friendly, helpful staff today at (425) 522-5354 before a dam causes havoc on your roof.

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